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Course description

Wisconsin Heights  Elementary Physical Education Course Description

Physical Education at Kindergarten through second grade level  is all about practicing skills necessary to develop a healthy life style.  Skills like catching, throwing, kicking, running, hitting are units that are rotated through several times throughout the school year.  Daily exercises that are simple and fun to do are incorporated into the daily routine.  Participating in daily exercises and activities starts the beginning groundwork for a healthy life.

Physical Education at the Third through Fifth grade level takes on a focus of teaching games to students using the skills that have been taught in the lower grades.  Games take on a more traditional look like football, soccer, golf, badminton, basketball, volleyball etc.  Rules are modified to allow for more successful skill development during the game play.  A daily routine is developed, so that as students enter class they can be more independent at the beginning of class to do their warm up exercises.  Exercise weeks are added to the schedule where different stations of exercises are set out to create a work out loop.  Students then workout at their own level moving from station to station around the gym.

Mr. Austin

Wisconsin Heights Elementary PE Teacher